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Submitted on
March 3, 2012
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Colour my Grey Skies Blue
by ~FauxxAffliictiion

Passion is what I'm missing
days of haunted skies
left to stall until he beholds me
in his yielding arms.

Days of grey are fading,
I am being painted with colours of his love
Injected with poise of his rationality
complexity is his finest charm.

Drawn to eyes set to devour me
poison runs through my veins
the blood that once dripped down my fingertips
they are no longer my escape

those green eyes they revive me
at first glance my hatred dropped dead
velvet lips they ignite me
stir up thoughts which never leave my head

And when every morning I wake up
I realize this is not a dream.
His love I no longer ache for
its all here for me.

His touch is what I crave for
It is true what they say
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
And in love with him I am falling more and
more every day.
i was up one night so i wrote this.
debidebdebdeb Mar 25, 2012
sorry for the typos
debidebdebdeb Mar 25, 2012
beautiful . spoke to me maybe he crabes your touch just as much. And he aches for you . Keep hoping and loving and telling yourself there is only air between you. And stnd together forevera
FauxxAffliictiion Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
thank you! and i am glad it spoke to you (:
thank you again, wish you a very good day/night :hug:
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